What’s the difference between a manufactured and a modular home?

Manufactured home = mobile home

A manufactured home is a mobile home. It’s built on a steel undercarriage or chassis with a hitch and wheels, and can be made of a single unit or transported in several units that are joined together and attached to a foundation at the living site. Manufactured homes don’t need to be built in accordance with the Uniform Building Codes that typical homes or buildings are subject to—instead, they’re subject to the design and safety standards established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In short, a manufactured home is a home built on a movable structure, like a trailer.

Modular home = built in a factory, installed on land

A modular home is constructed like a typical home, but it’s built in a factory instead of on the living site. It’s delivered to the living site on a trailer or flatbed truck—either all in one piece, or divided into panels or sections that are assembled on-site similar to building blocks. A modular home may be single or multi-storied and isn’t subject to HUD standards, but must adhere to Uniform Building Codes like most homes and buildings. In short, a modular home is a typical home, but built in a factory and “installed” on a lot.

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